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So you’ve got what it takes to develop spreadsheets that others would find useful. Now you’re thinking about selling your spreadsheets to both help people and generate some additional income using your MS Excel or other spreadsheet development skills. Well, as you know, there are pros and cons to everything you do. Read on to find out what some of them are:



























First the pros:


1)      A winning spreadsheet could make you a fortune. If you could effectively identify what many people want and are willing to pay for, and can make your spreadsheet easily accessible, you could be cashing checks for the rest of your life.


2) You could make money doing something you love (or like [or maybe not so much but just really good at]). It’s great to see a spreadsheet come together, and usually a lot better than what you originally envisioned. Especially when the dang thing works.


3) You might be providing an extremely valuable service to many, many people. Your spreadsheet might free up peoples time from boring and tedious administrative work to spend more time doing things they love. It might help keep businesses above water or help them reach for new heights. Your spreadsheet might even help to create jobs or at least keep people employed.


4) Selling spreadsheets helps you to build a catalog of spreadsheets that you can take with you and use in various areas of your life. Spreadsheets built for sale are usually built for flexibility and would be customizable to your life, or job, or new life, or new job.


5)      You can build a reputation as an expert spreadsheet developer. This certainly doesn’t hurt the resume. Using to sell spreadsheets allows you to set up a profile with your work, biography, and other info that certainly makes for good conversation material during interviews.


And then there were cons:


1)      You’ll need to include more than a basic level of development and calculation in your spreadsheet. There are lots of free spreadsheets on the web. Most of which are very simple and easy to build. People aren’t going to buy a spreadsheet that they can get for free. Take yours to the next level by adding all the value you can imagine. Then research on how you can offer a little bit more on the development and functionality side.


2)      You’ll need to develop good marketing material. Things like demo videos, which you can find plenty examples on Youtube, screenshots, and keyword rich descriptive text help people find your spreadsheet and communicate the value that sets yours a level above the rest. actually allows you to upload your spreadsheet with all of this marketing material in an easily searchable and user friendly website.


3)      You’ll need to find a way to make your spreadsheet accessible. You can build a website, which will require paying for a domain, hosting, site security, dealing with an internet transaction service, graphic design, content for the website, marketing your website, Search Engine Optimization, and all the other madness that comes with managing a site. All of these things pull you away from the thing you really want to do…which is to build and sell great spreadsheets. The best thing to do is use since they have web developers and internet marketing specialists to help get exposure for your spreadsheet.


4)      Last but not least…you’ll have to pay taxes on all that extra cash you’ll be raking in. Well, you should anyway.


These are the pros and cons of selling spreadsheets. The real beauty in this idea is that you could do the work once and there is no limit to how much you can earn, especially with effective use of the internet and other mass communication tools. Using, there are no costs associated with selling spreadsheets and you don’t need to build and manage a separate site, which works out pretty well. Whatever path you take, I wish you the best of luck. Leave a comment and let me know how things are going for you.


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